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  • Scolopendra - Those of the Catacombs [Full Album - 2020]

SCOLOPENDRA - Those Of The Catacombs tape

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Malefic, horror-centric and raw Italian death metal of the highest order.

Released on vinyl in 2020 by Nuclear War Now Productions and featuring members of Abhor, amongst others, SCOLOPENDRA follows on the tradition of classics such as Death SS and Mortuary Drape but leans more heavily towards a death metal sound.

Limited to 200 copies

Angry Metal Guy - Scolopendra wrote some of the best, most involving and most disgusting death metal of the year and you would be a fool to miss it.

Last Rites - Grotesque, gritty, and filthy while remaining in the thrashier roots of death metal, the band’s debut Those Of The Catacombs drives a rusty nail between the pure spirited souls of both horror and death.

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