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  • REVEL IN FLESH - Death Kult Legions [Full Album]

REVEL IN FLESH - Death Kvlt Legions tape

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Finally the gates are opened for the release of the 3rd and so far most detailed album “Death Kult Legions”. It combines almost two years of in-depth songwriting and production process. The album still represents the real Death Metal fan dedication, for which REVEL IN FLESH always stood, but the whole material itself has certainly a very own character: Darker, more atmospheric, more varied but nevertheless still filled with brutality and the classical HM2 Death Metal distortion in your face!!! Deathheads beware!!!

“REVEL IN FLESH strikes again! Perfecting their unique blend of early BOLT THROWER and 89/90s SweDeath. Memorable hooks and mega brutal riffage combined to a lethal sonic potion!”
(Dan Swanö)

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