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  • Rebaelliun (Bra) - Burn the Promised Land (Full Album 1999)

REBAELLIUN-Burn The Promised Land LP

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First strike still deadly... Rebaelliun’s first album re-issued!

The first effort by these crazy Brazilian guys, Rebaelliun, came out in 1999 and it was already truly promising. The technical level of this band and its sheer heaviness contributed in raising the curiosity of many in this genre. The burning sound and the unmatchable velocity were essential characteristics of this young band and “Burn The Promised Land” was already great in this sense. As always, forget about melodies and cheesy parts because here it’s all about the pure violence. The production is already very good.

“At War” accomplishes the mission of opening this album in a perfect way. The gun shots immediately announce the blast beats and the ultra heavy riffs. They are schizophrenic and uncontrollable, passing through furious tremolos and bludgeoning palm muting parts. The heaviness of the drummer is like a panzer, pulling the entire band behind him.

From now on, the songs maintain the same level of intensity and speed. The guitar solos are always great in technique, mixing lots of techniques to create the right impact through quite difficult parts. Their style let the most violent sections acquire more power with the same formula based on sheer speed and brutality. At the end you are just stunned by such brutality. Everything is so “in your face” here, so nasty and worth checking out... 

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