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  • Putrid Evocation - Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy (Full EP 2021)

PUTRID EVOCATION-Eternal Gloom:A Void Of Agony And Repugnancy CD

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Burning Coffin Records is proud to present the new EP by the chilean death metal band PUTRID EVOCATION entitled "Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy".

Release Date: August 15th 2021

CD-Jewel Case with 8 pages booklet limited to 300 copies
Cassette limited to 200 copies

Putrid Evocation is a band with almost 10 years of existence and well known in the southamerican metal scene. The band is formed by K (Guitars), B.Nekroskull (Guitar/Vox), AV (Drums) y R.Nunimpaler (Bass). The band released their first EP called “Blackness Enshroud” in 2013 by Apocalyptic Prods. In 2014 signed with Xtreem Music to release their first album called “Echoes of Death”. The album can be easily an album from a scandinavian death metal band with some Autopsy’s riffs and influences. After this, the band is back again with their posthumous EP called “Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy”, to be released son by Burning Coffin Recs in August 2021. This record presents a band with a different sound than their previous releases, more darker and heavier. If you like bands like Grave Miasma, the new Putrid Evocation’s EP will blown your mind!

Cover art by Fernando Giotefeli

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