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  • Nefas - He Was Born (Full Demo)

NEFAS - Promo 2005 mini CD

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This Milan, Italy-based group was formed in February 1995. A demo two years later was called He Was Born. Nuclear Abominations of Italy issued an EP called Transfiguration To The Ancient's Form. A debut album arrived in 2002. The band and Bastard Saints, which featured Fabio, issued a split record through The Flood Records. A demo appeared in 2006. The band recorded an album in 2007 and 2008, but split up in 2011 having not seen it released. This release appeared in 2015.

Nefas is Latin for ‘sacrilege.’

Nefas is an Italian band that has apparently released several albums and demos previously, although I would wager that the group is fairly unknown even in the underground. Promo 2006 features the three songs Dust Of Centuries, Subconscious and Keeper Of Forbidden Words. The band’s cover artwork is strongly mysterious and could have appeared on a Coffin Text or Nile album, yet the group’s music screams Immolation at me. The band’s music is complex, technical and fast. It is as if Immolation took its newer work and resurrected its earlier (Dawn of Possession) speeds. Nefas rules because its complexity does not hinder the heaviness and because the band can play with the best of them. Godly technical death metal! - Anna Tergel

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