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  • Necrowretch - Sprawl of Sin (Official Premiere)

NECROWRETCH-Satanic Slavery LP (Opague Grey)

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NECROWRETCH hammer out album number three in an all-out attack on everything that is glossy and polished in modern metal. 'Satanic Slavery' is dirty, gritty, mean, and beautifully untamed. This record spells DEATH METAL in capital letters without embracing mindless nostalgia. NECROWRETCH are letting their roots clearly shine through. Early death metal with clearly audible thrash elements play a large role on 'Satanic Slavery'. Echoes of POSSESSED or DARK ANGEL are equally present as fiercely rasping black metal vocals, and the melodic attitude of Swedish influences with a dash of DISSECTION.

Side A:
Sprawl of Sin / Tredeciman Blackfire / Satanic Slavery / Evil Names

Side B:
Hellspawn Pyre / Bestial Rites / Curse of Blasphemy / Verses from the Depths

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