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  • Leprophiliac (Spain) - Caskets of Flesh (Demo) 2019

LEPROPHILIAC - Caskets Of Flesh tape

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"LEPROPHILIAC started in April '19 in A Coruña / Galicia (Northwest coast of Spain) as a studio project with Dopi on guitar / vocals and Suici on drums / vocals, totally inspired by old school stuff like early DEATH, OBITUARY, CARCASS, FUNEBRE, ABHORRENCE, CARNAGE...
Long time friends since school daze, this couple of rottenheads already played together in 1990/91 in the Thrash Metal band NECROSIS, afterwards Suici played with the first Death Metal band in A Coruña, CENOTAPH, and Dopi went to form MACHETAZO, a band who existed for 20 years and turned into one of the most famous underground acts in Spain ever.
On July '19 they did a four hours recording session for a demo titled “Caskets Of Flesh”, featuring the songs “The Autophagous”, “Mummification”, “Destined To Ritualistic Sacrifice” and a cover of CELTIC FROST's “Circle Of The Tyrants”, to be released on tape by Italian label Dismal Fate Records."

Band members:
Suici – Drums / Vocals.
Dopi – Guitar / Bass / Vocals.

1. The Autophagous.
2. Mummification.
3. Destined To Ritualistic Sacrifice.
4. Circle Of The Tyrants.

Excreted by Dopi (Guitar, bass & vocals) and Suici (Drums & vocals).
Processed at Treboada Studio by The Maggot, July 22nd 2019.
Decomposed by LEPROPHILIAC except “Circle Of The Tyrants” by CELTIC FROST.
Defenestrated band logo and cover art by Dopi.
Eviscerated band pic by Kristi Hornbuckle.
Deranged graphic design by Hannes Delbello.  

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