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  • HUMAN FAILURE - "Crown on the Head of a King of Mud" (Full EP)

HUMAN FAILURE - Crown On the Head of a King of Mud tape

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Black death noise offering reflecting the abominable insides of humanity. Aural mayhem from the mind of California based artist and musician Daniel Cornejo.
American one-man aural monstrosity Human Failure debuts with its first ever offering “Crown on the Head of a King of Mud”, a mangled and gnarled disfiguration of raw death metal, raw punk and harsh noise spewn from the outer limits of complete nihilism and inhumanity. Band mastermind D. elaborates on the project:

“Lyrical themes mostly have to do with the repugnancy of living in America these days. The goal was to take a punk (and political/socioeconomic) mentality and mesh it with the pummeling rage of death metal. I chose to layer in noise to add to the extremity and painfulness of the sound, as I think living in this society is really a chore and more painful than most people will admit to themselves. And because whenever I’ve made noise music in the past, I’ve always tended to be depressed and I wanted to add that energy as well. I think hidden depression compliments the project name, Human Failure, particularly well, as the project is entirely about humanity’s failure to retain just that – its own humanity and morality. “Crown on the Head of a King of Mud” is fairly on the nose, but essentially it’s just a jab at those who are perceived as “in control.”

Antichrist Magazine

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