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HERETICAL SECT - Rotting Cosmic Grief tape

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HERETICAL SECT is a reclusive collective fixated on the physical and spiritual genocides of the Southwest. 

The Southwest; represented through a nostalgic lense of cowboy culture, rarely exposes the most brutal atrocities of American history. Churches chained shut and lit on fire with the congregation inside, severed limbs piled in the streets, and disease and slavery are burned into the memory of the landscape. These horrors are sonically juxtaposed against the natural beauty of the high desert. Expansive skies, deep canyons, painted red rocks, all witnesses to untold butchery and grief. 

HERETICAL SECT features members of other prominent Santa Fe (NM) bands, yet members remain hooded and anonymous. Although the band rarely appears live, it is a primary conceptual entity for its members. May all life learn to die. 

Redefining Darkness Records - CD 
Vendetta Records - Vinyl 

Coffin Beast - Drums 
Crypt Hammer - Bass 
Warg - Drums / Vocals 

Heretical Sect was recorded live with guitar and vocal overdubs 
Recorded by Kyle Morgan 
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Allison 
Cover photograph by Kara Duval

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