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  • Eallic - Rake of the Astral Leviathan - Full Album Stream - 2021

EALLIC-Rake Of The Astral Leviathan tape

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Deep in the celestial black slumbers a fetid form as old as time itself. The ancient star-born one devours planet after planet driven by survival; living to feed. After leaving a world obliterated in ruin, the bloody behemoth excretes countless eggs. The progeny are discharged through space as pathfinders to new worlds. When disturbed by life, the seed erupt in a devastating blast signaling their maker to the feast that awaits. In the aftermath of the blast, a portal appears in the ether above that allows the astral leviathan to descend upon his bounty. The cycle repeats; the demon survives.

In the belly of a mining facility, an ovum of the cosmic monolith has laid unnoticed and undisturbed for centuries. Earth will soon host a most unwanted guest. Krjjl awaits...


released December 17, 2021

All songs written by Shawn Maddy Except This Was My Life which was written by Dave Mustaine

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