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  • Dødskvad - Krønike I (Full Demo, 2020)

DøDSKVAD - Krønike I tape

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Hailing from Norway, Dødskvad is a project of E.R. (Desolation Realm) with members from Obliteration and Sovereign. Wasting no time, songs were written in the spring of 2019, and then recorded at Forråtnelsens Krypt in the fall. Dødskvad then released this first recording, Krønike I, digitally in early 2020.

Dødskvad's sound is obscure and OLD. With influences primarily being old Death, old Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Infester, and Resurrection as well as old heavy metal and synth music, what results on Krønike I is strangely familiar yet foreign simultaneously, its simplicity of design understated yet bountifully provocative. Like so much weird 'n' twisted metal of the past, Dødskvad reveal their secrets slowly and subtly; their eerily bubbling cauldron seems to simmer endlessly, never overflowing but likewise never short on strange spices and other far-darker ingredients. And with the lyrics following a common concept based on equal parts fantasy, Norwegian history, and mythology, Krønike I's otherworldly aspect deepens ever more...

Highly recommended for fans of Cultes Des Ghoules, Faustcoven, Ride For Revenge, Sacriphyx, Oksennus, Cauldron Black Ram, and all freaks into tripped-out black/death sounds: head into the hinterlands of the obscure with Dødskvad!

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