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  • MUSCIPULA ~ Little Chasm of Horrors [ 2020]

MUSCIPULA - Little Chasm of Horrors tape

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From the vile swamps of the American Southeast lives Dionanea Muscipula. Beneath the dense putrid flora and
viscous ooze the Beast thrives with a growing taste for the fresh flesh of the human variety! Muscipula now plots the doom of all red blooded life forms and prepares for Carnivorous Vegetation Supremacy!

We are the sound of the Plantae Overlord’s takeover of humankind—the last clangor of battle drums as our gods take sustenance from your flesh and dying breaths. Oh, yes! Providing sustenance for the master species is your inevitability....That inevitability will not be quick, and will certainly be painful! Alas, it is only the beginning and soon you will discover these truths for yourselves. Hail the leaf! Hail Dionanea Muscipula!

Underground weirdness from Nashville, TN.
150 copies

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