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  • ŹMIARĆVIEŁY - čornaje połymia (EP) 2021

ŹMIARĆVIEŁY - čornaje połymia tape

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ŹMIARĆVIEŁY is an anonymous new project from a nameless spectre, who nonetheless had time to take roots in the scene. While previously playing across the span of extreme music - be it death metal, black metal, or doom - with ŹMIARĆVIEŁY, he indulges his more melodic side. Granted, this is still framed within black metal - and remorselessly grim, cryogenically cold black metal at that - but the debut čornaje połymia conveys epic feelings that are an auspicious first start for this project.

As a moniker, there is no direct English translation for ŹMIARĆVIEŁY except for "dead" or "something that has died," but both are perfect in conveying the sensations contained within this four-song/18-minute tape. Similarly, death in all its forms indeed forms the crux of the lyrics here, all in Belarusian (Kryujan); says the mysterious mainman, "I'm kinda obsessed with the beautiful moment of living matter becoming still once again." As for the EP title itself, čornaje połymia can be simply translated as "black flame," which fits hand-in-glove with the elegantly simple black metal found here, rough and raw but most definitely played as a band by actual humans.

Already, 40 minutes of new ŹMIARĆVIEŁY has been composed, which could see release late this fall. In the meantime, those who heed the call of the old dungeons, from classic Countess to later Front Beast and even mid/late '90s Darkthrone or Moonblood's myriad demos, are wholeheartedly encourage to partake of čornaje połymia!

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